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iPhone Screen Protector

Protect your iPhone screen with the best quality tempered glass screen protectors from iiCASE. Our protectors offer ultra-strong 9H hardness protection, shielding your device from scratches, drops, and everyday wear and tear. Choose from a huge range of premium screen protectors, combine them with a durable iiCASE iPhone cover, and give your iPhone the maximum levels of protection.

Why Choose iiCASE for Your iPhone Screen Protectors?

  • Premium Quality: Our iPhone glass screen protectors are crafted from top-grade materials to provide durability and reliable protection for your iPhone.
  • 9H Hardness: With a hardness rating of 9H, our screen protectors offer impressive scratch and impact resistance to keep your device safe from everyday wear and tear.
  • Wide Variety: Find a screen protector that's perfect for your needs, including ultra-clear, privacy, blue-ray, and gaming super smooth.
  • Fast, Free Shipping: Enjoy swift delivery with our fast and free delivery service available across Australia, with Melbourne-based shipping so you receive your iPhone tempered glass screen protector promptly.
  • 365-Day Warranty: Rest assured with our comprehensive 365-day warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind with your purchase. If you encounter any issues, we've got you covered.

Find an iPhone Screen Protector Just For You

  • Ultra Clear iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Experience stunning clarity with our ultra-clear tempered glass screen protector, specifically designed to keep your iPhone display looking sharp and vibrant.
  • Privacy iPhone Glass Screen Protector: Protect your privacy and keep your sensitive information confidential with our privacy glass screen protector. Enjoy a two-way privacy filter to prevent any side-angle views.
  • Blue-ray iPhone Glass Screen Protector: Shield your eyes from harmful blue light and reduce eye strain with our blue-ray glass screen protector - perfect for long hours of screen time.
  • Gaming Super Smooth iPhone Screen Protector: Take your gaming experience to new heights with our gaming super smooth screen protector. This product delivers ultra-smooth touch sensitivity and intuitive responsiveness for seamless gaming.

Ready to Protect Your iPhone Screen?

Explore our premium selection of iPhone screen protectors and find the perfect match for your phone. With our huge range of options available, enjoy reliable protection and peace of mind without impacting all-important style or functionality. Shop online with iiCASE and keep your iPhone screen safe and pristine for years to come.

iPhone Screen Protector - FAQs

Do your iPhone screen protectors provide edge-to-edge display coverage?

Absolutely! Our screen protectors are engineered to provide comprehensive edge-to-edge coverage for the iPhone display, including the curved edges. This ensures that your entire screen is fully protected against scratches, scuffs, and impacts, maintaining the pristine condition of your iPhone's display.

Do your iPhone screen protectors affect the touch sensitivity of the iPhone screen in any way?

No, our screen protectors are engineered with advanced technology to ensure that they do not compromise the original touch sensitivity of your iPhone screen. You can continue to enjoy smooth and responsive interactions with your device, just like without a screen protector.

Can I remove and reapply the iPhone Glass screen protector if needed?

Yes, our screen protectors are designed to be easily removed and reapplied. If you need to reposition the protector or replace it with a new one, simply peel it off from the corner and carefully reapply it. Thanks to the advanced adhesive technology, our screen protectors leave no residue or damage to your iPhone screen.

Do you offer other accessories for iPhones besides screen protectors?

Yes, in addition to our premium iPhone glass screen protectors, we also offer a wide range of high-quality accessories to enhance your iPhone experience. Our selection includes iPhone camera protectors, charging cables, car mounts, and wireless chargers. Whether you need to protect your camera lens, charge your device on the go, or enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, we have the perfect accessories to complement your iPhone. Explore our collection of Apple product accessories to find everything you need to elevate your mobile experience.

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Regular price $79.99 $42.99 AUD
  • Crystal Clear (Ultra Strong)
  • Privacy (Anti-Spy)
  • Eye Protection (Anti-BlueRay)
  • Gaming Pro (Ultra Smooth Surface)
Regular price $88.99 $42.99 AUD
  • Black
  • White

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