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Big Love, With Your Love!

Thank You!

With your love, iiCase donates $1 to Australian Childhood Foundation for EVERY case we sell.

We are an Australia Business and we love our children. We always looking what we can do for our lovely kids who need help. Now, we will do little things that we can do. We will donate $1 to Australian Children Foundation for every case we sold, which means, YOU are donating $1 for every case you purchased.

We are not a big enterprise company who can donate million dollars to the foundation, but we will do what we can to make it better. The donation started on 10th September2017. With your BIG LOVE, do what we can.

A Big Love, A Big Thanks!

Australian Children Foundation is a non-profit charity fund, with the aim of "defend the right of all children to a safe and loved childhood". They do everything we can to bring love back to children affected by the trauma of child abuse and family violence. For more information about Australian Children Foundation please go to the website: .



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