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How To Install A Screen Protector

For every iPhone & Samsung Galaxy case we sell (except clearance items), iiCase provide a free screen protector and a full pack of installation kit. Please kindly follow the instruction below for the screen protector installation.

Step 1:
Clean off any dust particles, stains, and fingerprints from the surface of your smartphone with the provided wet wipe in the iiCase screen protector installation kit.

Step 2:
Repeat with a dry wipe provided to absorb all the moisture. Any excess moisture will weaken the adhesive of your screen protector.

Step 3:
If there are still any loose bits and pieces on your screen, use the dust sticker to lift them off. Please keep the dust sticker after use, you may still use it later.

Step 4:
Remove the package film from your tempered glass screen protector or the soft PET screen protector, and carefully align it to your phone screen. It helps to attach guide stickers (provided in the iiCase installation kits) on the top and bottom edges of your screen protector so your fingers don’t get in the way.

Step 5:
Lay the screen protector down and allow it to adhere to your phone screen. If it looks off-center, gently lift the protector and realign it.

Step 6:
Wipe the applied screen protector with the microfiber cloth provided. In the case that you see bubbles underneath the screen protector, take the microfiber cloth and firmly press to push the spots off the edge of the screen.

If you find there's dust between the screen and the protector, gently remove the screen protector and use the dust sticker to life all dust on the screen and the protector then repeat from Step 5.


Here's two videos from YouTube that may help:

- Guide to install a glass screen protector:

- Guide to install a plastic PET screen protector:


Common reasons for "air bubbles" issue and solutions.

After applying the tempered glass, there might have air bubbles underneath. Don't worry, this is not a quality issue and here are some tips to resolve it.

Please ensure the glass was installed in the "perfect" position. An incorrectly positioned glass may cause the gap/bubbles on edges. Please gently remove the glass and relocate it in the correct place.

There is dirt/dust on the screen/glass. This is very easy to identify and fix. Simply remove the glass and use the provided dust sticker to clean both of the surfaces, and ensure there's no dust/dirt before applying.

There are exiting scratches/cracks on the screen. Well, there isn't a way to avoid bubbles if there are existing scratches & cracks, sorry.

If those above reasons are not the case, try to squeeze the air bubble gently to the closest corner. Push harder to squeeze the bubble if it doesn't move. When you see the bubble goes out, don't release your finger but keep pressing the corner for about 20-30 seconds.

The air bubble issue should be fixed by the above solutions in most of the case. But if it's still there, please send us a CLEAR photo to and we can assist you with the issue.

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